Why DCIM software?

The need has never been greater to ensure your data center's reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are consistently at peak performance. Leveraged as a solution to help with data center planning, construction and daily operations, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software is designed to create a clear path toward achieving and maintaining an optimized environment.

Through integrating with IT and facility devices, DCIM software collects valuable information throughout the data center and provides real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting for its users. The availability of mission-cirtical information, presented in ways that enable stakeholders to make intelligent and confident decisions, makes DCIM software a vital tool in today's data centers.

Through implementing the right DCIM solution, users are able to:

  • Effectively measure power utilization for current capacity and forecasted requirements
  • Determine overall power efficiency through numerous metrics and ratings (such as PUE)
  • Understand which equipment is being under-utilized
  • Project how tech refreshes or MAC's will improve data center efficiency and capacity
  • Better manage risks associated with device failover
  • More effectively manage utility costs associated with energy consumption
  • Have a clearer projection of ROI's for improving data center efficiency
  • Be in a better position to create and achieve environmental sustainability goals


Every DCIM provider isn't the same.

Since the year 2000, NORLINX Systems has been helping data centers around the world optimize their daily performance. With hundreds of data center implementations and scores of device integrations, you can trust NORLINX as an experienced partner to meet and exceed your DCIM goals.

Designed to be both hardware and protocol agnostic, NORLINX is a true DCIM provider, carrying no bias towards specific hardware brands or device protocols. This unique capability allows us to perform faster and simplified integrations, creating benefits for our users that are difficult to experience elsewhere.

With NORLINX, you don't have to sacrifice high-speed for low-cost, or low-cost for getting the information you need, when and how you need it. We put our users first and have created a total solution that is improving the DCIM experience.

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