A world-class training platform designed to help reduce the DCIM learning curve and ease of adoption of GSM's solutions. Constantly being updated with new course content, users will gain industry knowledge and insight that will help their data center operations at large.

DCIM Technical Certifications

  • Validate your DCIM knowledge and maximize the performance of your DCIM solutions
  • Master the skills necessary to achieve optimal efficiency while working within NORLINX's GSM software
  • Leverage your accreditations as marketing material to convey your DCIM capabilities to customers or employers

Remote GSM Training

  • Provides the tools to train users at any knowledge or functional level of DCIM from the comfort of their desks
  • Reinforces key DCIM concepts and practices through readily-available video and quick-reference resources
  • Saves on cost and training resources by eliminating the need to hire on-site trainer resources for DCIM topics

Knowledge Share with Industry Leaders

  • Provides an industry-wide DCIM portal where users at all levels of data center management can collaborate
  • Stay current with the latest successful DCIM technologies and practices via training materials, blogs and community forums
  • Acquire timely assistance from NORLINX technicians and other community users to solve critical issues
To learn more about NORLINX DCIM University, click here: NORLINX DCIM University