Includes nearly every GSM feature in addition to tools such as GSMdashboard and seats on NORLINX DCIM University. Highlights include asset tracking through RFID and barcode functionalities.

GSMformula: Custom Formula Creation

  • Custom formulas can be easily created using a powerful toolset to evaluate unique power and environmental factors across a data center floor
  • PUE at any level in the data center can be evaluated against specific criteria using custom formulas
  • Using custom formulas, dashboards can be tailored to show capacity and usage for any level of end-user

Role-based Dashboards for CxO's, IT and Facilities Teams

  • Create custom dashboards based on user and role-specific requirements
  • Dashboard views are readily accessible to mobile and web-based platforms
  • Provides clean, easy-to-read data center statistics through the use of graphs, visual elevations, meters and many more applets

Asset Tracking Via RFID or Barcodes

  • Easily search for device assets across multiple data centers by RF Code and QR Code
  • Track device movements in real-time and determine future placement availability
  • View asset activity reports to identify moves/adds/changes for any number of devices over their lifetimes
To learn more about GSMprofessional, click here: GSMprofessional Product Datasheet