Designed for data center environments that require robust DCIM functionality, custom integrations, software development and broad user training.

GSMmobile Integration

  • Provides reliable, on-the-go access to critical data center metrics and alerts
  • Android and iOS support maximizes availability of GSM's monitoring tools among leading mobile and web-based platforms
  • Extends the full control and management capabilities of GSM to a mobile device, from monitoring the data center floor to controlling individual outlets within each cabinet

DCIM University & Training

  • Provides a one-stop training portal for multiple users in disparate locations
  • Teaches core and advanced DCIM concepts through a variety of media, such as videos, training documents and presentations
  • High scalability of content ensures each user has access to relevant training at his or her level of DCIM development and usage

Custom Development and Integrations

  • Create redundant, synchronized database installations across multiple sites to leverage bandwidth and fault-tolerance resources
  • Gain access to customized enhancements to integrate third-party application functionality into GSM
  • Utilize NORLINX's accumulated professional data center experience to customize reports and dashboard views for optimal control and management of data center resources
To learn more about GSMenterprise, click here: GSMenterprise Product Datasheet