NORLINX Services Overview

NORLINX offers world-class DCIM products, however, we are not just a "product-provider." GSM represents a total DCIM solution, made possible by coupling relevant services with our DCIM products, further simplifying and improving the DCIM experience.

GSMintegrate: Represents our service offerings associated with software planning, implementation, training and support. NORLINX's team of experienced engineers work with our users to define the specific software requirements that meet their needs. Sometimes, this requires feature customization as well as GSM module customization. When required, NORLINX will send our engineers to our user’s facilities, anywhere in the world, to ensure GSM is properly implemented within the project's schedule and budget parameters. Offered on-site or remote, NORLINX engineers will also train GSM users in accordance with time and budget allowances - this can take place on-site at customer facilities or on-site in our training lab, located at our HQ in Youngsville, NC. We offer unlimited remote technical support for paid GSM license holders and our technicians will conduct incremental "health-checks" with our users throughout each calendar year. Each health-check provides a deep dive into the software to ensure all is functioning as it should and to ensure all features and integrations are up-to-date.

NORLINX DCIM University: NORLINX has a vision to be one of the world's leading companies in equipping data center stakeholders for the myriad of challenges they face, both now and into the future. With NORLINX DCIM University, we are fulfilling this vision through providing an online portal for DCIM users and data center personnel at large. With a focus on DCIM software training, NORLINX DCIM University launched in February 2017 with initial courses certifying users on GSM products specifically. In time, it will grow to an industry resource not only promoting best practices in DCIM software, but will leverage relationships with industry leaders, with the purpose of spurring innovative thinking through the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Additional Services: Throughout NORLINX's company history, we have participated in a multitude of data center projects and have established relationships with many different industry providers. The scope of our industry knowledge surpasses DCIM software, which gives us the unique capability to think broader and offer solutions that go beyond the bounds of DCIM. NORLINX is an experienced option to provide data center consultation at any phase of a data center's life cycle. Please contact us for details.