Provides users with the basic DCIM functionalities needed to help optimize their data center environment. Highlights include rack elevation functions and numerous reporting capabilities for IT and Facility devices.

Rack Elevation: Planning and Capacity Management

  • View and track device additions and changes in real-time across multiple cabinets
  • Configure cabinet-level power and environmental alerts to protect critical assets from thermal and power fluctuations
  • Assign devices to power assets, such as outlets, and track power usage and capacity over time

Device Failure and Impact Reporting

  • Helps prevent device and data loss by exposing equipment vulnerable to power and environmental anomalies
  • Aids the data center planner in determining the best allocation of power resources to ensure redundancy and protection
  • Allows high customization of capacity and failover thresholds to fine-tune redundancy requirements for any cabinet or section of the data center

Subscription-based Reporting: Real-Time Floor Plans, Cabinet Elevations, Capacity and PowerBill

  • Provides a dynamic view of each data center, showing real-time changes to floor design, power and environmental assets
  • Produces customizable power and environmental reports in a variety of formats, with the option to schedule automated distribution of reports
  • Provides tools to flexibly monitor and manage data center assets in any logical groupings desired, such as by customer or business segment
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