Designed to help users evaluate and utilize GSM at no cost. Fit for smaller data centers as well as pilot programs in larger facilities.

Discovery of Gear

  • Provides time-savings by automating the process of hardware identification and tracking for a new data center
  • Reduces the risk of wasted capacity by proactively discovering equipment as it is added to the data center
  • Keeps data collection relevant by detecting changes to equipment, such as the addition of sensors

Power Gear Firmware and Configuration Management

  • Makes large-scale device firmware updates an automated process, freeing up user time and resources
  • Provides a unified interface for managing equipment from multiple vendors
  • Allows batch manipulation of power gear assets, such as the renaming and control of outlets and breakers

Basic Alerting for Power and Environmentals

  • Provides customizable alerts for power gear, breakers, outlets and environmental sensors
  • Allows users to easily assign multiple power gear assets to groups for faster alert modification
  • Provides a wealth of point-in-time and historical trend data for each alert, including customizable graphs sent via email
To learn more about GSMpowerlite, click here: GSMpowerlite Product Datasheet