GSMformula Overview

A simple yet effective tool that helps users "measure what they manage" through the creation of custom formulas based on any and all GSM data.

Microsoft Excel Functions for GSMdashboard Output

  • Familiar Excel formulas, such as average and sum, can be utilized to quickly and intuitively calculate metrics
  • Utilize more complex Excel functions and conditions to evaluate data and logically determine output, increasing the decision-making power of formulas
  • Convert raw metric data into more practical measurement units, such as kilowatt-hour, PUE and DCIE

Create Advanced Alerting for All GSM Data

  • Create alerts based on the power and environmental relationships among devices, not simply for each device in isolation
  • Link custom formulas into simple or complex algorithms that can evaluate ever-changing conditions among multiple metrics, such as wattage and temperature together
  • Configure and generate multiple alerting schedules to escalate potential problems before they impact data center productivity

Simplify Complex Data Into Usable Custom Formulas

  • Formulas can combine metrics from up to thousands of objects into just a handful of objects to track and monitor
  • Perform multiple types of calculations on raw data to produce one simplified metric
  • Introduce custom values easily into formula calculations, such as cost and carbon footprint, to measure all aspects of a data center