GSMmobile Overview

Empowers users with the desktop functions of GSM, but in a mobile device. See real-time updates across your data center related to assets, alerts, personnel and more.

Task Management for Data Center Staff and Contractors

  • View and manage work orders for device moves, adds and changes from your mobile device
  • Assign and track permanent and temporary user access across cabinets and devices in the data center
  • Remotely control intelligent power gear, such as outlets, to handle scheduled maintenance as well as device failures

Asset Management Via Proximity Codes and Barcodes

  • Scan an asset's barcode to gain instant access to that asset's history, status and warranty information
  • Easily view information about assets linked to the device being scanned, such as those impacted by that device's failure
  • Enter or scan barcode information to instantly begin managing new assets, even before they are deployed into production

Track and Record Personnel Footpath Throughout Data Center

  • Easily identify data center operation and management trends that may lead to workflow or process improvements
  • Create bread crumb audit logs of where visitors and contractors have traveled
  • Reduce the risk of unqualified personnel conducting work on your data center floor