GSMdashboard Overview

A powerful tool displaying any information created in GSMformula. Helps users monitor and analyze their preferred Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through real-time gauges, charts and other graphical depictions of their data center.

KPI's for CxO's, IT and Facility Teams

  • Allows users at any organization level to customize the presentation of KPIs that are most valuable to them
  • Provides multiple dashboards that can share real-time changes in data through common custom formulas
  • Presents a large array of pre-built gauges, graphs and visual drawings that are ready to use for each data center role, such as IT, Facilities, and CxO users

Co-location Customer Portal

  • Presents a simple to use interface for multiple co-location clients
  • Provides a single location for co-location clients to view KPIs pertaining to their data center space
  • Offers a value-add service for co-location facilities to offer to their data center clients

Third Party API Integration

  • Open-table structure and database procedural "hooks" simplify the sharing of data from GSM to other applications such as trouble ticket and financial systems
  • API access to GSM consolidates acquisition of data from multiple applications into a singular, high-availability interface
  • GSMdashboard can personalize the presentation of data from third-party applications and secure that content for each user