Valuable services related to any GSM product deployment. Includes custom integrations, on-site implementations, training and support. Expedites the timeframe of users being able to leverage the value of GSM's products and tools.

Trouble Ticket System Integration

  • Seamlessly ties asset and power gear management together with popular trouble ticket systems, such as Remedy
  • Generate work orders and tickets for any assets on the data center floor, such as racked devices and power distribution systems
  • Create automatic email notifications for work orders, warranty expirations, and ticket workflows

Custom Hardware Integrations

  • Flexible architecture supports integration with any industry-standard power gear and sensor monitoring equipment through popular network protocols
  • Integration with popular vendors' equipment takes days, not months or years
  • Product integrations can be custom-tailored to include the functions and features needed for specific applications and tasks

On-site Implementation and Training

  • Implementation typically takes less than two weeks, unlike competing products that can take months to fully deploy
  • Training and product configuration are customized to the specific needs and roles of the end users
  • Turnkey installation and implementation options are readily available, including pre-loaded servers and customized virtual machines

Integration Sample: