NORLINX Tools Overview

NORLINX’s tools are designed to help users do more with the data they collect from GSM's DCIM software. With GSMformula, GSMdashboard and GSMmobile, users are granted more flexibility and use of their data, further supporting daily decision-making needs and planning initiatives.

GSMformula: NORLINX’s GSM software provides monitoring, alerting and reporting for users, directly within the software’s GUI. GSMformula was designed to take reporting and data visualization to the next level. Embedded within our DCIM software platform, GSMformula allows users to create custom formulas, based on any data point pulled from GSM, and display the data on GSMdashboard. Utilizing GSMformula is very similar to Microsoft Excel, giving users immense flexibility to create metrics, ratios, KPIs, and more of their choosing. Once formulas are created and ready to be analyzed, users simply publish the formula to GSMdashboard for viewing. With managed thresholds, GSMformula can send personnel key alerts of virtually any metric, making your datacenter more resilient than ever.

GSMdashboard: World-class dashboard capability is a necessity for modern DCIM solutions. NORLINX’s GSMdashboard provides users an attractive interface that has numerous options for displaying data. Role-based dashboards can be easily created for many audiences including CxO’s, IT/Facilities staff and other datacenter stakeholders. Directly linked with GSMformula, our dashboard solution displays historical and real-time data in static or live formats. Review efficiency metrics such as PUE at an aggregate level or on a per rack basis. Get an at-a-glance depiction of your data center's power consumption - as a whole or segmented in different ways. With GSMdashboard, simplify the management of your data center's performance and maximize its up-time.

GSMmobile: The use of mobile devices has created a new paradigm in how tasks are managed on a daily basis. NORLINX offers users the flexibility of utilizing our software and associated tools on hand-held mobile devices or tablets (both iOS and Android). Providing nearly all the functions of GSM at the desktop level, GSMmobile creates a flexible DCIM platform that can be used anywhere there is an internet connection.

Take a look at our tools on each of their respective pages and contact us to learn how you can leverage them within your data center.